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Encounter Ministries, Inc. is currently based out of Carrollton, GA.  Encounter is a faith based, community driven, 501c3 non for profit organization. The most inspiring part of Encounter is the willingness to take hope, help, and healing outside the four walls of a traditional congregation. Encounter is made up of a diverse, multicultural group of individuals that are committed to sharing love through Jesus Christ.




The founders of Encounter Ministries, Inc. are a mother and son duo, Sherrie Kagey & Kevin Raines. Their story is one of courage, faith, hope, and above all, love. A sincere mother with the compassion to see her son be all he was God-purposed to be stared death, doubt, hopelessness, and fear in the face, while determined to hold onto a promise. A Son, who struggled with drugs, alcohol, identity crisis, manic depression, child molestation, and attempted suicide, discovered freedom from an encounter with God.  Kevin Raines is a minister, singer-songwriter, author, and a father to an amazing young boy named Kolten. 




Encounter Ministries, Inc. believes in the power and presence of The Living God. We believe there is freedom through His Son, Jesus. Encounter is purposed to minister through discipleship and mentorship; in praise & worship, song, dance/ human video expression, testimony and word. 

Extending our arms, speaking out with a voice, finding freedom in our purpose, setting an atmosphere to encounter HIM.

WHat does encounter do?


Community Outreach



Bridging Family Relationships :

Bringing the power of the Holy Spirit to families in need. Through prayer and worship, our team will intercede for financial stability, mending broken relationships, and growing faith and trust in God. Without Him, a family, relationship, or couple, will not have unity. Without unity, there is no peace.

Homeless Intervention : PROJECT SHINE


Taking our words and actions of donation directly to the streets. Encounter believes more in the act of giving rather than the talk of giving. Going across the streets and around our area, we see an outpouring of lives wanting more of God; and we, as believers, can do that by talking to them and showing the power of Christ through love. Go to the contact page and click the DONATE button to help us reach out to others through a prep bag that has grooming essentials and ready to eat food items. 

Addiction Awareness :


“I want to try this just one time” …. “I am addicted and can’t stop. Please help.”
Our mission for addiction awareness is to provide support to those who want to stop a pain releasing, yet mind damaging addiction, and turn them to a pain releasing, yet mind fueling God! The power of Christ is greater than any substance you think will help the pain of heartache, and we want to help you fill the hole of emptiness with a love that never ends!


College And Career


Disciplining young adults to change the world around them before it’s too late. Ministering to college students in our town, and traveling outside our home towns and abroad, Encounter sees a deep empowerment that God wants for these students. We see this connection as an encouraging and uplifting cause, so that once we mentor them, they can go and do the same and make a difference in their community and around the world.


Suicide Prevention:

The dark feeling of hopelessness is very scary, but Encounter believes, and have seen firsthand, that the power of prayer and a downpour of The Holy Spirit can change a situation in a blink of an eye. We hope to see those who are struggling come to find the love of Jesus Christ personally, but also through our team. As some of our team have dealt with this, someone is there to talk to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us because YOU matter. There is no one like you, and you are loved!


Spiritual Mentorship / Discipleship


Gatherings (Services & Events)

Word  (Teaching, Speaking, and Inspirational Testimonies)
Performing Arts Community Outreach
Refreshing Specialty Conferences & Small Group Bible Studies. 

StoryLand Teaser 1

StoryLand Teaser 1 


StoryLand Vision (pdf)


StoryLand Sponsor Packet (pdf)


Encounter Band

Encounter Band

Encounter Band is a worship team made up of individuals who have extraordinary testimonies and diverse backgrounds. Each member has encountered freedom and deliverance while understanding the importance of being a committed and intentional worshiper. Encounter Band leads worship for their weekly gatherings and books for requested appointments. The Band is excited to announce their first album release titled "encounter One".  With great passion, Encounter Band creates an atmosphere for the presence of God. 


encounter One Album


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